The runtime asset format for WebGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL

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glTF - the runtime asset format for WebGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL

glTF is a draft Specification - may change before Ratification -
Everyone is welcomed to contribute to the code and provide feedback about the specification.

Common setup

git clone --recurse-submodules


glTF Specification is a work-in-progress from the COLLADA Working Group; it is not an official Khronos-ratified specification yet. It is incomplete and subject to change. We've made it available early in the spirit of transparency to receive early community feedback. Please create issues with your feedback.

In particular, the definition of materials are in flux, and work on animations and texture and geometry compression are still in the early stages. We are also initially focusing on WebGL. OpenGL ES and OpenGL need additional considerations.


A converter can be used to produce glTF assets out of COLLADA.


GLTF Viewer based on montagejs can be found here


this project provides a reliable toolchain based on OpenCOLLADA. Starting from exporter plugins in major authoring tools to COLLADA parsing when converting to JSON, OpenCOLLADA is where all efforts to import/export COLLADA files are centralized.